About Isabel Ricardo Cosmetics


Isabel Ricardo, Skincare & Hair care, was founded in 1997 By Isabella Scanabucci, and is a privately owned Australian company.

Isabel Ricardo prides themselves in using the finest and the most pure ingredients in all of their Hair care, Skincare and Cosmetic products.

Riccardo Scanabucci joined the company in 2007 and assisted to grow Isabel Ricardo by expanding its operations and furthermore exporting their products to many countries across the globe.

In 2008 Isabel Ricardo expanded production by incorporating Mineral Cosmetics to the Company. The Mineral Cosmetic range comprise only of Australian Made ingredients free from harsh chemicals found in other Mineral Make up on the market.

All Isabel Ricardo products are free from harmful chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Fluoride, Propylene Glycol, Coal Tar, just to name a few. NO product is tested on Animals.

Isabella has a background in Biological Science, Natural medicine, Beauty therapy and Anatomy & Physiology. Working closely with Laboratories, Isabel Was exposed to many chemicals; chemicals that are found in our every day hair care, skincare and cosmetics.

It was through her Natural medicine and Biological Science background experience that she discovered the benefits of Natural Ingredients and incorporated these ingredients into her skincare and hair care regime.

Friends and Family asked Isabella to help them introduce natural ingredients into there skincare, hair care and body care system. In particular Isabella was asked by a lady to help with her acne problem.

In 1998 Isabella created her first official skincare product 'Acne Treatment' The Acne treatment was phenomenally successful; it completely cleared the acne and rejuvenated the skin. And the smile that it put on the customers face was priceless.

With the success of the acne treatment, Isabella Decided to create other products using only top quality ingredients, natural bases, herbs and pure essential/organic oils using innovative formulas. Isabella has learned through her own experience and has tested her products on herself and on family and friends. After trial and error Isabella has perfected all of her products.

Isabella believes that because your skin breathes, putting harmful chemicals and fats on your skin is dangerous, and long term use of these harmful chemicals can be detrimental. Isabella’s quote:” what ever you put on your skin or body needs to be safe enough to eat."